About Argentina and Why should you go?

The Plaza de Mayo, City Hall, La Boca and Alvear Avenues are names of just some of the popular tourist attractions of Buenos Aires. Whether tourists have a desire to experience an adrenaline rush or want their children to learn more about nature, a trip to the stunning Iguazu Falls would be worth the time. Just looking at the falls would take travellers into another world and taking a boat ride right to the base of the falls would be truly thrilling. Argentina vacations take water lovers to the beautiful Mar del Plata. With unobstructed access to sea, this place provides opportunities to indulge in a variety of water-sports like scuba diving and water skiing. There is also much to experience in terms of modernity in this country and an Argentina tour would ensure that tourists get to sample the sheer range of modern art, architecture and cuisine. The steak here is popular all over the world and tourists must try it as well as sample local flavours like empanadas, dulce de leche and alfajores. The true flavours of this Latin American country appeal to all those who prefer fun and excitement.

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Whay you should go..

This country has been called, by many, as ‘the land of extremes’ and this is true, because if there are snow-capped mountains to gaze at, there are also beaches to splash around. While there are vibrant cities with fantastic nightlife, there are also quaint villages, which still maintain the charm of the old world. The fact that holiday in Argentina can be planned all through the year makes this an ideal destination for tourists. Trips to the Andes and Patagonia could be charted out during summers, and in winters, there could be no better place to visit than Iguazu. The city of Buenos Aires is perfect for a visit during the spring season, when the weather is just right to take long walks. The capital city of Buenos Aires proves to be a great starting point for any tourist, especially those coming to this country for the first time. Known for fantastic nightlife, this city has a lot to offer, even during the daytime. Families would love exploring the city, where they get a chance to watch tango dancers in the streets.

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