About Malaysia and Why should you go?

Malaysia is a potpourri of different religions and races where Malays, Indian, Chinese and lot of other ethnic groups live together in complete peace and harmony. Multiculturalism has made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise and also home to hundreds of colourful festivals. Malaysians love to celebrate and socialize and as people are very laid back, warm and friendly. The beautiful country Malaysia is located in the Southeast region of Asia. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and consists of 13 states and has 3 federal territories. A popular tourist destination in Asia, Malaysia is simply a visitor's haven.

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Whay you should go..

Some of the must-see destinations of Malaysia include Penang, Cameron Highlands Sarawak, Melaka, Sabah, Langkawi, and of course the bustling capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Pulau Redang, Perhentian, Kapas or Tioman, are best to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, photography and scenic sun setting.Besides, stunning sightseeing, scenic beaches, Malaysia is really famous for an exotic nightlife.Also, a world-class shopping destination, Malaysia has plenty of futuristic malls, unique local stores and lively street markets. Bargaining is an option on the street markets, but departmental stores and shops charge fixed prices and only offer discounts during annual sales from July to September, and from November to January.

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