About Rajasthan and Why should you go?

Welcome to fascinating Rajasthan. This land is a colourful melange of massive forts, stunning palaces, diverse cultures, delectable cuisines and warm people, set amidst a rugged yet inviting landscape. It is a land that has inspired me and countless others. Come tread on the sands of time. In Rajasthan you will find every hue in Nature's grand palette - the red sands, the blue of royalty, the pink cities or the amber sunsets. Surrender yourself to the sounds of trinkets or the sounds of the all conquering wind. Sight and sounds that are far removed from any city. Sights and sounds that will transport you into a folk lore. Music, art and dance is woven into every inch of this land I call paradise. You will find it carved in every grain of sand. Here you will find the past, the present and the future. You will find passion. You will find adventure. And you will find yourself. Come, walk into the unforgettable embrace of Rajasthan.

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Whay you should go..

Rajasthan is an amazing potpourri of the old and new. Rajasthan, literally meaning the Land of Kings, displays lavish forts and majestic palaces that are apt reminders of a rich and romantic past; one that speaks of heroism, honour and chivalry. Situated amidst a stark desert and surrounded by the Aravallis, India's oldest mountain range, the state is a travellers' destination, attracting many with its art and craft. A glittering jewel of India, Rajasthan has something for everyone, whether you are planning an adventurous holiday hoping for a rendezvous with tigers, or have in mind a quiet sojourn gazing at the beauty of the golden sand-dunes, or are travelling to experience the many nuances of royalty.

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