About Himachal pradesh and Why should you go?

The state of Himachal Pradesh stands apart from its neighbours in terms of its sheer topographic diversity and breathtaking pristine natural beauty. From vast tracts of high-altitude Trans-Himalayan desert to dense green deodar forests, from apple orchards to cultivated terraces, from snow capped high Himalayan mountain ranges to snow fed lakes and gushing rivers. Himachal is a nature lover’s true delight.

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Whay you should go..

Serenity reverberates from every corner of Himachal. Whether you sit and meditate next to a lake, take an introspective walk along a forest trail, surrender to the might of nature as you stand before the immense glaciers and mountains or take a dip in the rivers, you will be enthralled by the sheer tranquillity that abounds in the region. With so much to offer, it comes as no surprise that tourists from around the globe flock here some seek religious fulfilment and others in search of spiritual wellbeing. For sheer geographic diversity, few places in the world are as richly endowed as Himachal Pradesh is. Rivers in deep gorges and placid mountain lakes, thick forests and acres of scree, mountainsides draped with snow and green. Alpines pastures all form a part of the immense possibilities for a wide range of outdoor activities, sports and adventure.

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