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Metros like Hyderabad possess an abundance of tourist attractions of pristine beauty, unparalleled in depth and extravagant in appeal to floor people from all walks of life. Hyderabad intends to capture that very appeal and captivation to offer rich quality-driven information that is in-depth and illuminating to let you navigate various sites and make your sojourn a memorable and pleasant experience. Everything you want to know and learn about HYDERABAD and its greatness is here……….Your travel sojourn has already begun and continues even after you leave the shores of HYDERABAD……a sojourn of unmatchable brilliance. Wah! Hyderabad………

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Whay you should go..

Hyderabad, a city with a deep-rooted past lies on the banks of river Moosi. It's language and mannerisms still exude it's rich and legendary past. The Nizam's of Hyderabad were known to be one of the wealthiest royal's of the past. The elegant buildings, marbled temples and monuments stand testimony to it. This 400 year old city was named after Hyder Mahal wife of the ruler Quli Qutab Shah. Today Hyderabad, the fifth largest metropolis of India, is the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, known for its rich history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples, a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance.

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