About Maharashtra and Why should you go?

The most fascinating region of India. It is the state with rich cultural heritage and is a land of intense spirituality and religious faith. Nestled close to the Arabian Sea, the state of Maharashtra located on the western side of India, is known for its tranquility and exceptional beauty. Enjoy a holiday trip to Maharashtra, which is the second most populous and third largest state by area in India.

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Whay you should go..

Maharashtra has 720 km. long sea face extending from Dahanu and Bordi in the north up to Goa proceeding southwards. If you have liking for sand, sea and surf, this State has a great many interesting options in store. You could arrange trips or get away on a weekend or during holidays. You could indulge in adventurous water sports or relax on golden sands. If you are interested in forts and their history, Maharashtra is the perfect place for your tour and a memorable holiday.

Sample Journeys

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