About Bhutan and Why should you go?

Fondly known as ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan is an astonishing country in South Asia. The country enthralls travelers with its unexplored mountains, forests, scenic valleys and exquisite Buddhist monasteries and temples. From snow-capped mountains to historical relics & monuments, Bhutan has a lot to offer its visitors coming from different parts of the world. It spellbinds travelers with its amazing natural & bountiful beauty. It is the only existing theocracy in the world and has many interesting things to do and see in the country.

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Whay you should go..

Tourism in Bhutan has increased to a large extent owing to the many tourist destinations in Bhutan. Paro, Thimpu, Jakar and Phuentsholing are some of the most popular ones. All of these destinations have exotic locations. Their valleys, lush green meadows, thick forests will indeed charm you. Not just that, the temples, monasteries and museums will arouse an interest in you about the land. Your travel to Bhutan is sure to be memorable.

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