About Israel and Why should you go?

n Israel you can find a wide variety of activities and attractions that are intended for single people, couples, families and children. The geographic landscape of Israel: mountains, rivers, valleys, deserts, seas and lakes alongside modern cities enable many unique experiences. These include surfing culture, activities for kids, sporting activities and more. Israel is a beautiful travel destination. It is small and thus gives the traveler opportunity to discover the whole country and each of its enchanting landscapes in a fairly short space of time.

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Whay you should go..

Sacred sites that inspire reverence, ancient spaces that invoke awe, modern cities built to excite and simple villages that have sustained life for centuries, Israel holds many treasures for travellers looking to delve into history and make a connection with the past. From the glistening coast to the barren depths of the Dead Sea, mountain village communities and cosmopolitan cities full of bars and boutiques, a journey through Israel will stir the soul, challenge perceptions and arouse wonder.

Sample Journeys

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