About Mexico and Why should you go?

Mexico, Arizona’s neighbor to the south, is an enchanting place to visit with several unique and diverse experiences for all travelers. Mexico boasts cultural festivals, heritage areas, colonial towns, pre-Colombian history such as Mayan and Aztec ruins, and much more. Mexico has many varied landscapes such as beaches, deserts and rainforests and is the fourth most biodiverse place in the world. Tourists can take advantage of the great beaches, archeological zones, music, art, food, and cultural experiences.

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Whay you should go..

Long a favorite destination for North Americans, Mexico is also becoming increasingly popular with tourists from Europe seeking to enjoy the country's seemingly endless sunshine, stunning scenery, and beautiful sandy beaches - not to mention its astonishingly rich cultural heritage. So important are Mexico's ancient Aztec and Mayan sites and historic colonial cities that many have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring they'll remain unchanged for generations to come. Interestingly, these locations - including places like Guanajuato, Chichén Itzá, and Uxmal - are often as popular as traditional beach vacation spots like Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, and Playa del Carmen. Topping the whole experience is the country's rich culture, a fascinating mix of native people as well as colonial influences from Spain that shows up in everything from the country's culinary creations to its vibrant musical and dance traditions. It's also a country rich in flora and fauna, as it is spread across climate zones that encompass everything from arid deserts to lush tropical rainforests.

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